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Barkley ❤️

The three legged wonder doodle!

Barkley ❤️

Barkley Day 5!

July 22nd, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Day 5 of Barkley the wonder doodles life as a 3-legged doodle! It’s been up and down, but throughout it all she’s showing us that she’s still Barkley — our sweet, perfect pup. On the upside, she’s gotten the hang of hopping on her front leg; on the downside, she’s having some nerve pain, which is heartbreaking. She’ll seem to be okay and comfortable, then let out a piercing cry. Soon after, though, she’ll be wagging her tail. Last night she finally devoured a bowl of food. Today lots of resting. Love her soooo much and hoping everyday she’s one day closer to her completely happy, loving self. #cancersucks

Pre surgery with her human brother.

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  • dawn3g

    Barkley is absolutely darling!! I am sure every day will get better, you’ve already made such progress. We were told that 2 weeks is a magic point, when everything seems to come together. For us, it was when we got Fallon’s sutures out, but that might have also been due to positive reinforcement from the docs that she was doing awesome.
    Wishing you continued success! Sending Barkley many hugs and kissies <3

  • jerry

    Awww she sure looks so happy to be home and with her favorite humans.

    You definitely want to ask your vet about the crying, sounds like she could use an adjustment to her pain medication.

    Hope the week gets better and better for all of you!

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